Our team


Our employees work for the ASAP Technical Service worldwide.
We dedicate ourselves to the tasks set for us with passion and commitment.
We are proud of the close ties we have with our customers and of our employees -.
because we are only successful as a team.
And that is already in our roots.
Chief executive officer

Gürsel Sen

After studying mechanical engineering at Heilbronn University, he joined Bertrandt in Heilbronn in 1987 as an engineer. After holding several management positions, he was appointed Managing Director of the Heilbronn branch in 1993.
Through a management buy-out process, he also became a co-partner in the company.
2002 he founded the company GS Group GmbH
(formerly GS Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH)
for asset management and investments.
After more than 20 years he left Bertrandt and founded ASAP Engineering GmbH in Heilbronn in October 2007,
on which today's ASAP Group is based.
From January 2010 to December 2017, he held the company management of the ASAP Group together with Michael Neisen.
In January 2018, Gürsel Sen took over the chairmanship of the shareholders' meeting of the ASAP Group.
He is also the managing director
of ASAP Technical Service GmbH.

Chief Operating Officer

Selim Ustaalioglu

After his training as a production mechanic, he started various independent activities in 2000,
mainly in the field of quality assurance. Since 2011 he has been working for ASAP Technical Service,
first as Head of Technical Service,
since April 2022 as operational Managing Director.

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